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Video brochures have become increasingly popular as they provide essential visual stimulation. They allow your clients to learn about your products and receive your contact information in an interesting and enjoyable way.

Paper brochures may keep a client’s attention for a while but later they may be thrown away or lost interest in. Today’s technology provides us with these unique “Video Brochures” and they are often chosen by our clients. The video brochures indicated have inbuilt LCD screen and make it possible for you to introduce your company information in various video formats. The video starts to play automatically when the device is opened and turns off when closed. The product can be recharged with the included adapter.

Various screen sizes available according to client’s preferences. Capacity of products available is 128 MB memory and 15 minutes play time. Capacity can be increased if desired.

You can call us to place an order for your Video Brochure anytime.