Rubber USB Flash Drive

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Our Rubber USB Flash Drive is designed to make a lasting impression. With its unique rubber texture, it offers a tactile experience that sets it apart from standard flash drives.

The flash drive features an innovative sliding connector, making it compact and easy to carry. This practical design ensures the USB is protected when not in use, without the need for a separate cap.

When plugged into a USB port, the flash drive’s true charm is revealed. The logo print on the back lights up, drawing attention to your brand in a striking and memorable way. This LED illumination not only highlights your logo but also adds a contemporary edge to the device.

Perfect for corporate gifts, trade shows, or as part of a marketing campaign, this Rubber USB Flash Drive combines functionality with impactful branding. Its rubber body, sliding connector, and light-up logo work together to create a promotional item that is both useful and eye-catching.


Weight 18 g
Dimensions 64 × 19.5 × 13.5 mm


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