Do you know the real story behind Valentine’s Day?

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There are many stories behind the reason we all have this strong need to spread love insistently on this specific day. Legend has it a priest named Valentine who served during the third century Roman Empire under the rule of Claudius II made it possible for us. It all began when Emperor Claudius II decided to ban young men from marrying, as he believed they would make better and stronger soldiers if they had no family responsibilities. Being a man of God, Valentine realised this unequivocal injustice and decided to take it upon himself to correct it. It is said Valentine continued to marry couples in secret; unfortunately, however, his secret acts of justice were uncovered and Emperor Claudius II ordered his beheading.

Even though facts behind the story are yet to be found, celebrating love, showing appreciation and spreading joy are all good things that should be encouraged. However, you shouldn’t limit your affections to only your loved one but you can show love to your customers, business partners, your employees will definitely feel appreciated and that will boost morale or take a page out of Valentine’s book and perform selfless acts where you spread love to the less fortunate as part of your CSR campaign.

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