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Metal Ballpoint Pen

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Metal Ballpoint Pen – Touch Screen

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Metal Ballpoint Pen

* EXW Izmir. List price. Please contact for your bulk purchases.

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Metal Ballpoint Pen

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Push Metal Ball Pen

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Metal Ballpoint Pen

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Carbon Fiber Tip Pen

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Multi Function Pen

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Promotional Metal Pens

Promotional Metal Pens are a very popular choice for promotional, giveaway items. Even though they might not be new and trendy, they will always be classic and timeless. Furthermore, a sophisticated metal pen is something everyone needs to have on hand! More than that, they are also a tried-and-true method to create brand awareness. Pens are highly practical items to have around. In fact, most of us have several pens around the house, on our desks, in our bags and cars. That is why promotional metal pens are an ideal and effective giveaway item. Everyone needs them, uses them and likes to hold on to them. For this reason, promotional metal pens are an ideal choice for a branded promo item. Additionally, promotional metal pens can be customized anyway you like! Doyuk offers tons of choices of metal pen options in varied colors and designs. Accordingly, choose the best metal pens for your brand today and we will get you started.

Customized Metal Pens

Doyuk offers you so many different metal pen options, its hard to make a choice. First of all, take a look at our classic ball-point pens. For example, we have ELIS, HIT-3, PYRAMID and PYRAMID + each one with different specs. All of these ball-point pens will feel great in your hand and write smoothly. Really, everyone loves the feel of a well-made ball-point pen! You can decide what metal pen you want to order, and we will have it made in the design or color of your choice. For a metal ball-point pen with an extra feature, take a look at the TOUCHPEN. This pen doubles as a touchscreen pen that you can use on all your devices without scratching the screen. Furthermore, the TOUCHPEN will look so sophisticated once your logo is printed on it because we use laser engraving. For an extra special pen, that is not really a pen, see our PICASSO carbon fiber tip pen. In fact, this pen does not use ink because it is made of carbon fiber. This pen is a great choice for all because it is unique and it will never run dry!

Promotional Pens

To conclude, customized metal pens are an excellent choice for a promotional item. Also, they are one of the most economical options. If you are looking for an item that you can easily distribute to a large audience, then pens are the answer. Moreover, pens are an item that people often need to borrow. This means that they have a greater audience reach because more people will see and use them. Having your brand name or logo on a customized metal pen guarantees that your name will be seen. Doyuk offers a wide range of pens in different styles and designs.

We offer budget friendly wholesale prices on promotional metal pen orders. Metal promotional pens are an affordable way to give your clients something to hold on to that brings your name to mind. Our team is happy to help you make the best selection and guide you through the whole process. Increase your brand awareness in a simple yet highly effective way with a custom metal promotional pen from Doyuk.