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Multifunctional Foldable Wireless Charger, Mouse Pad, Phone holder & Pen holder

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Led Logo Wireless Charger

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Wooden Wireless Charger

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Speaker, Wireless Charger & Phone Stand

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Wireless Charging Cork MousePad

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Wireless Charger

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Custom Shape Wireless Charger Pad

Made to order


Car Phone Holder with Wireless Charger

Made to order

Custom Wireless Charger

Custom Wireless chargers are a great alternative to standard charging cables; which are so easy to lose and misplace. Wireless chargers use a magnetic field and convert it into electrical energy to charge devices that are placed on them. There is no need to fumble around with wired chargers, cables or outlets when you have a wireless charger. Wireless chargers are modern, practical and fun to use. Not only that, but they look great too!

Wireless chargers charge your phone, tablet and other devices just as quickly as regular chargers which makes life easier. People love the convenience and aesthetic appeal of having a wireless charger in their homes, offices and in their cars. Create a promotional gift that your customers will really want by making your own custom wireless chargers and custom charging pads. Your company’s brand, image or logo can stand out with a thoughtfully designed custom wireless charger from Doyuk.

We have a great selection of custom wireless chargers available in a wide range of colors and designs. Take a look at our multi-functional chargers that not only charge phones, but double as speakers or phone holders. We have custom chargers that hold your phone in the car, making navigation easier, while simultaneously charging your phone. We even have custom chargers that light up with an LED logo to really make your logo shine.

Promotional Wireless Chargers

Promotional wireless chargers are an excellent choice for promotional giveaway items because they are functional, practical and trendy. Custom Wireless Chargers are a brand new cool tech item that your customers will enjoy receiving and using daily. Everyone will want to know where they got the wireless charger from and will want to try it out too.

Your brand will make a great impression on anyone who sees or tries out your branded custom wireless chargers. Customized wireless chargers are also perfect promo items because they have large surfaces to print on. Your brand name or logo printed on a stylish, custom wireless charger will amaze clients and increase your brand awareness.

Custom Charging Pad

Doyuk can also create custom charging pads in the shape of your choice. For example, we can design a promotional wireless charger according to your company’s logo, and using the corresponding brand colors. Additionally, we have custom charging pads that are also mousepads. These made to order custom charging pads are the ultimate promo item for anyone who works at a computer. They are not only practical and stylish; they are also comfortable to use and easy to set up. They can be used as both a mousepad and charger while beautifully displaying your brand’s name and logo. Choose your preferred style of custom wireless charger and we will help you customize it to match your brand.

You can choose from a vast selection of colors, designs and printing options. Our helpful team of experts will be glad to guide you through the process step by step. You will love the final results and so will the recipients of your custom wireless chargers and custom charging pads!