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Custom Smartwatch

We all know that tech is such an important part of our daily lives. For instance, we use tech items to improve so many different aspects at work, at home and on the go. Wearable tech, such as smart watches, heart monitors, headphones and fitness trackers have become increasingly popular over the years. This is because they make life much more enjoyable, make work easier and make us feel healthier. Furthermore, branded wearable tech is a great option for a promotional item because it is modern and cool. Everyone loves to receive a gift that they would actually use, and so you can’t go wrong with branded wearable tech!

If you want to delight your customers at your next meeting or tradeshow, give them a custom smartwatch. Our custom smart watches are multifunctional, high quality and look great! You can customize our watches by choosing the color of your choice and adding a printed logo or brand name.

Promo Smartwatch

A custom smart watch is the perfect gift for anyone who cares about their health or wants to stay connected. That is why promo smartwatches have become one of the hottest giveaway items for companies this year. However, it is important to note that smart watches are more than just watches! Smart watches, also called smart wrist bands, are equipped with a series of different functions that can be accessed through the touch screen. They synch with the user’s smart phone so that all data can be read from either the phone or the watch screen. This means that the data can also be easily shared if the user wants to share their health goals and accomplishments on social media.

As a promo item, your custom smartwatches or smart wrist bands will impress whoever you give them to. They, in turn, will show off the custom smart watch and talk about your brand. As a result, they are a great marketing tool for your company.

Branded Smartwatch

Branded smartwatches and smart wristbands with a printed logo or an engraved logo on the wrist strap look awesome and really stand out. Doyuk currently has two different smart wrist band models available to order.

Firstly, we have the JINHUIDA Z21 smart wristband that promises to improve your quality of life. This unique smart wrist band works with an app that you can install onto any smart phone. It offers continuous heart rate recording by measuring your heart rate throughout the day whenever the watch is on. This means that you can measure your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly heart rate and keep track of changes. Moreover, the JINHUIDA Z21 smart wristband is waterproof. This means that not only is it more practical since you don’t have to take it off to wash your hands or shower. But additionally, it is also suitable for any kind of water sport. So, you can monitor your heart rate and check your text messages and emails even while swimming!

On the other hand, the SINOPHY B14 Color Screen Sports Wristband makes a great gift for any sports enthusiast. For example, it monitors and creates a report on your daily activities and sleep patterns. The smart wrist band is also dust and water proof so you can wear it every day and wherever you go. That means that your logo will go everywhere that your customer goes if you order a branded smart watch from Doyuk!