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Multifunctional Foldable Wireless Charger, Mouse Pad, Phone holder & Pen holder

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Wireless Charging Cork MousePad

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Multifunction Custom Mouse Pads

For a unique promotional mouse pad giveaway item, consider a multipurpose mouse pad. For instance, our Evopad Charge mouse pad looks great on any desk because of its sleek design. Not only that, but it is also a wireless charger, pen holder and phone holder. That means that it makes the user’s life easier and makes multitasking a breeze! You can choose from several design and printing options to create your own customized mouse pad. In contrast, our Nova mouse pad, is also a multifunction product and takes up less space on a desk. Nevertheless, it makes a big and long-lasting impression on anyone who sees or uses it. It is a two in one charger and mouse pad with a classy look suited for a professional work space.

If you are looking for comfort over multifunctionality take a look at our mouse pads with built in padded wrist cushions. A padded wrist cushion mouse pad comforts your wrist while you work. This means that it makes a big difference for anyone who uses their mouse a lot. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it reduces wrist strain and is a highly preferred option. For example, the Venom padded wrist cushion mouse pad filled with silica gel is a very comfortable option. On the other hand, you can also check out our Apex model which is also equipped with a built-in wrist cushion. Accordingly, hot printing, transfer and serigraphy printing techniques are available options for our wrist cushion mouse pad models.

Personalized Mouse Pad

A personalized mouse pad with your company logo is a gift that any of your customers or clients would enjoy receiving. Furthermore, a customized computer mousepad is a very economical option for a giveaway or swag item. It does not cost very much and has a great impact nevertheless. Take a look at our company’s latest mousepad models and contact us for the latest prices and order information.

Beyond customizable mousepads, Doyuk also has a wide range of branded mice with customizable shapes and unique designs. Don’t forget to ask us about our wholesale pricing options for branded mouse pads. Doyuk offers you great mouse pad options at more economical prices. So, contact us today and let’s get started creating your personalized mouse pads!