Are you ready for 2021?

Budgeting in January – Are you ready for 2021?

The festive season is always a highly anticipated time; there is a lot to celebrate, families reuniting, workforce getting a well-deserved break, Christmas parties, the exchanging of gifts and the excitement of New Year’s Eve countdown, so it’s safe to say it is indeed the season to be jolly. But now it’s back to reality, back to work and back to school.

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Easter and Eggs

Easter is probably the most religious holiday in the Christian calendar. It's the time when the church commemorates the crucifixion o...

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Types of Storage Devices

All About USB Flash Drives

It has been a long journey of research, discovery, and conversion before arriving at the point when USB memory sticks were finally introduced. Do you remember the painful speed and inconvenience of Floppy Discs and CD’s… Who could have thunk it?

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Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival Tips and Tricks Guide

When you think of Brazil, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Rio Carnival right! Big feathers, valiant costumes worn by the world’s most flawless women, glaring music and of course lots of Samba dancing.

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