Why does China shut down every year?

Chinese New Year

A lot of people are unaware that many Asian countries including China use a different calendar; they use the lunar calendar and therefore celebrate New Year’s at a different time to the rest of the western world. Around this time each year for the past 600 years or so China completely shuts down for almost 2 weeks, they celebrate what they call the Spring Festival. Factories, government offices, schools and, many companies are closed during this period.

So if China is shut down who is supplying promotional products to the rest of the world? Well, DOYUK Promotional Products is. The shutdown obviously has a great impact on the international market as it disrupts business activities globally. It’s not only the days of the festival that should concern you but also the days leading up to it and the time it will take for the whole country to get back in the swing of things after the festival ends.

Strategically, we have offices in Turkey, Germany and Canada and we will be fully operational during the Chinese New Year so we are ready to assist you with all your promotional product needs.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Fun facts about the Chinese New Year:
  • Dates change every year
  • One-sixth of the world celebrates it
  • Chinese New Year starts a new animals zodiac- this year is the year of the ox
  • It is also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year
  • It is the longest public holiday
  • Decorations are mostly in red
  • Reunion dinner with family is an important ritual
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