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Super-Charge your campaign!


I think we can safely say that owning a power bank must be the best thing to happen after smartphones were introduced. Owning a smartphone is really a life changer; from this small little gadget, you can control your entire life from sending texts, to making doctor’s appointments to tracking your heart rate all the while having the ability to control your home appliances from anywhere in the world.

Now, with that being appreciated, constantly relying on a smartphone does mean you have to take note of the rapidly diminishing battery life. And that is where a portable charger comes in handy. When you are away from an electrical socket, you can bring your power bank with you and you will have instant power. What better promotional gift can you think of for the busy working professional today? We present you with numerous power bank options. Allow your brand to stand out.

Custom Power bank: Customised promotional gift items are the best way to capture the attention of your audience because they are obviously unique and well thought out, that will speak volumes to your audience, it will tell them you took the time and effort to personalise the item, and that will go along away. Our custom power bank is made from soft PVC which is pliable and the best choice when creating custom portable chargers. Our custom power banks can be moulded into any shape or form imaginable, from making the exact replica of the Eiffel Tower to moulding the shape of a ship USB.

Leather Power bank: Our leather power banks just give a lovely, elegant finish. They have a smooth outer feel, which brings a very high tone for the user. This particular leather power bank focuses on the durability of the gadget but also on the details of the design, you can see each stitch quite clearly and the embossed power ıcon on the front. We have them available in Pantone colours, brown and black, with black being the most popular. The following branding options are available: Mirror Laser, Laser Engraving, Emboss, UV.

Power bank with LED indicator has a small digital display that indicates the remaining battery life of your portable charger. This feature will give you peace of mind as you will always know the exact amount of power you have left, and you don’t have to stress by trying to figure out the inexplicit flashing lights that are found in most power banks. Talk to your customers through this superior promotional item or surprise your staff, you may just be awarded Employer of the Year. Have your logo spread across the front and back of the power bank and use any Pantone colour to make your brand stand out.

Having a wireless charger is the new trend sweeping over the tech industry, wireless chargers have recently become rapidly in demand. A wireless charging pad allows you to charge your phone inconspicuously flat on your desk in the office or during a business lunch, allowing working and charging your device to go almost completely undetected. You may have also heard about the Google Pixel Stand, well we do have on offer something just as good if you still want to read your phone while it charges, you have the option to get a wireless charging stand. Our range of wireless chargers displays multiple features, some doubling up as a charger as well as stand, and others having a built-in Bluetooth speaker or even a suction cup to keep your phone strongly in position. You can imagine how impressed your audience will be, receiving such an item; have your logo or icon splashed all over the wireless charger of your choice to leave a lasting impression. We have a wide array of options available and our graphics team can help bring out the best of your ideas.

While Bluetooth technology has been around for quite a while now giving a Bluetooth speaker as a promotional gift has been making the rounds nowadays. They are seen as a trendy and distinctive approach to communicating with your target audience. Bluetooth speakers can be found in varying sizes, but it is best to gift mini speakers as they are compact, portable, and easy to use and store. You must select the best Bluetooth speaker to complement your campaign and brand but also one that your audience will also be expressly impressed with. A wireless speaker might just make or break your campaign, so why not select from our range of great quality Bluetooth speakers. We can custom make portable speakers, therefore, giving more room to be creative, however, if perhaps time is of the essence then you can choose from our existing designs, we even have wooden speakers, very eco-friendly to give your brand the right image.

Custom Headphones seem like a simple gift but is one pair really enough? Unfortunately, headphones are really easy to lose, so it is always a great relief knowing you have a spare pair tucked away somewhere. If you are looking for a fast turnaround time on an effective yet low-cost promotional item, then we suggest selecting between our zipper headphones or the popular Wireless Bluetooth earphones. Also, we stock one of the best wireless earbuds. They come in a charging case and charge the earbuds wirelessly for up to 12 hours. This true wireless earbud has 9mm high dynamic drivers, which will give the user powerful high definition sound. Our Bluetooth earbuds are also Siri enabled, for the convenience of Apple product users. You can print your company logo in either silkscreen, offset or laser print options. These special printing techniques ensure your logo is printed with the highest possible quality.

A charging cable, what is special about that? The right charging cable can actually be regarded by your audience as the best promotional item. We do admit they are an unassuming gift however effective. As the smartphone generation we rely so heavily on our smartphones, tablets and other digital gadgets, so it is always handy to have a charging or two nearby.  Slap your logo or icon on one and your giveaway or campaign is good to go. The most sort after cable at present must be the USB c cable, we highly recommend this item as most new generation smartphones and gadgets use it now. But sometimes it is better to not limit your reach, and in that case you can offer a multi USB charger cable also known as a multi charger. Choose from a variety of vibrant colours and material made of plastic, nylon or aluminium.

Use a custom mouse pad to increase your brand recall among valuable or potential customers and clients. Brand recall is the extent to which consumers can recall or remember a brand when triggered by a product category. A mouse pad is the perfect promotional gift to give your brand a boost, taking into account this item is used, throughout the day, in offices and businesses. With technology constantly improving, having a personalised mouse mat with vibrant colours or specially designed print like a picture or custom shape will definitely benefit your brand awareness efforts. Better still, now we have mouse pads that also charge wirelessly. If you are looking for a more modern solution then a high functionality wireless charging mouse pad might just do it for you. Wireless charging mouse pad allows you to use the mouse pad as you would ordinarily, and also charge your qi (‘Qi is a wireless charging technology used to wirelessly power electronic devices’) enabled smartphone, tablet or other devices such as earpods.

A smart wristband is no longer for the rich and famous, it has become quite an essential wearable technology. As the whole world is on a serious drive to improve health and to be more conscious about how our bodies are functioning as a possible preventative measure. A standard fitness tracker has the following features: heart rate recording, pedometer, sleep pattern monitoring and the option to select sport modes. Our smart wristband has so many more features that your target audience will appreciate, as we see the pace of life becoming faster and faster, working individuals are looking for more ways to improve their quality of life with optimal convenience.

Our smart wrist band offers over and above the aforementioned: With our custom smart wristband you can also receive calls and read important text messages without having to take your phone out from your bag or pocket, set your daily alarm using the synchronised app, take a dive into the deep end or sweat it out in the gym wearing our waterproof fitness tracker, it boasts 7 different sport modes and has a 10-day battery life. They are available in a variety of lively attractive colours that will complement your brand our campaign.

Are Ink Pens still relevant in a digital world? An article found in the Chicago Tribune states that ‘Pens and other writing tools generated revenue of $16.2 billion worldwide in 2014 and are expected to reach $20.2 billion by 2019, according to a report by Technavio.’ Still, think traditional pens are obsolete? Absolutely not! In the same article, it is said that the demand for pens continues to grow in Asia, Latin American, as well as the Middle East, owing to the rise in population and the increase in literacy levels. In Europe however, the demand has been seen more in luxury pens. A luxury custom pen is the preferred gift and is perceived as a fashion accessory similar to luxury timepieces.

But finding the perfect personalised pen to gift your target audience is a challenge because there are so many options. You need to consider the feel of the pen, will it smoothly slide along the page or will it drag. Does a plastic, metal, eco or rubber pen coincide with your brand or campaign? And not to mention selecting a colour that will catch the attention of your audience and will align with your CI manual. And it does not end there, especially when dealing with a provider like Doyuk because we also offer multi-functional pens that have a stylus or USB pens that allow you to write in ink and also save data.

The human race has always had the unrelenting need to write information down, as you might know, history tells us that Egyptian Hieroglyphics are considered to be the earliest form of true writing along with the Sumerian archaic, each having its distinct alphabet and little has changed since then. Of course, writing and especially writing instruments and accessories have evolved since then, thankfully we do not need to write on a stone tablet using a chisel and hammer since the paper was finally invented in the 1st century BC in modern-day China.

The corporate world and professionals rely heavily on custom notebooks and diaries to jot down notes, schedule appointments and to write down lists or strategic ideas for the next campaign.  There are so many designs to choose from, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Most of our notebooks and diaries have a leather out finish.