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Selfie sticks have increasingly become popular within social networks and with the selfie camera options now on smart phones.

The selfie stick products have two options, a handheld monopod with extension bar. Also enhanced with the addition of integrated Bluetooth, which are used as popular promotional products.

Our selfie sticks has different colour variants. Maximum weight capacity is 500 g. Bars can extend upto 110 cm. When bar is collapsed the length is only 22 cm and can be carried around in your pocket easily. It can be opened, closed and the angle of the phone adjusted easily.

Your logo will be printed on the product’s bar. For resistant long-term use, your logo will be printed using high quality print materials and will not be damaged or removed. Especially during Christmas time, Selfie sticks are one of most chosen promotional products and they help to promote your brand at low cost.

You can contact us to receive the wholesale selfie stick pricelists.