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Branded Plastic Pens

Are you ready to create your own branded plastic pen, however not sure which pen to choose? Here is a guide to the branded plastic pens that we have available for order at Doyuk.

First of all, our basic ball point pen PLASTIC PEN is a simple, yet practical giveaway item. It comes in a wide range of colors and has an ideal printing area for your brand name. Next, we have the BREMEN plastic ballpoint pen that is dependable and writes smoothly. This pen is available in black, blue, green, navy blue, orange, red and yellow. So, you can choose the color that best matches your brand colors for a great look.

For a more luxurious feel, take a look at our exclusive QUANTUM plastic ballpoint pens. These pens stand out especially when you choose velvet for the pen surface option. Your brand name will look outstanding on the side of this stylish pen. Or, do you have a message or image that won’t fit on the side of a pen? In that case, our BANNERPEN is just for you. This unique item is way more than just a custom plastic pen, it is an exceptional advertising opportunity. You can design the message or image you want and it will be neatly rolled into the pen. Then, when your customer pulls the banner out from the pen your message will be unrolled and revealed! Moreover, when it is back in its original pen state, it is a practical and useful pen that bears your brand name!

Finally, for a more colorful option, see our fun flower-shaped highlighter. With a white plastic surface area perfect for printing on, this highlighter makes your logo pop! Take a look at our large pen selection, then be sure to ask us about our wholesale options for pens.