Easter and Eggs


Easter is probably the most religious holiday in the Christian calendar. It’s the time when the church commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his Ressurection. Before Easter there is actually a 6 week period leading up to it, this time is called Lent and it involves fasting and/or the abstinence or self-denial of certain foods mainly the ones we enjoy the most namely: meat or animal products, confectionery, and of course alcohol. It is only on Easter or Ressurection Sunday that we get to enjoy those foods again.

But the question is, why are eggs synonymous with Easter? Well, apparently eggs represent life and in this case Jesus defying death and rising on the third day. In addition, people were unable to eat eggs but chickens continued to lay eggs, the eggs were saved and decorated with vibrant colours and designs to then be enjoyed on Easter Sunday. Although that tradition still exists today, chocolate eggs and bunnies have become the standard custom, which is a lot more fun than hard-boiled eggs. Chocolate eggs made their first appearance in France ad Germany in the early 19-th century. The easter egg hunt is also a custom that started in Germany.

So why not take advantage of this joyous time, a perfect time to engage your customers by organising an Easter campaign or event. Companies also use this period to boost internal morale by bringing the Easter theme into the office, hosting office breakfasts or brunches before the short break.

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