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Customized Mouse

Wherever you see a computer, you will usually a computer mouse next to it! In fact, you probably have a mouse in your hand right now. They are a necessary tech accessory for anyone who works on a computer or browses the web. Computers are frequently used items in all areas of business and for personal use at home. Therefore, the customized mouse is an increasingly popular promotional tech item.

With Doyuk, you can customize a mouse with your own branding to give to your customers and clients. A thoughtfully chosen and well-designed mouse guarantees brand visibility for years to come because our custom mice are durable. We produce wired mice as well as several wireless mouse options. Wired mice have an incredible lifespan of up to 3 million clicks. On the other hand, wireless mice reach up to 1 million clicks. Wireless mice give the user more flexibility as there is no resistance caused by the cables. Finally, our specially designed mice in the shapes of footballs, golf balls, cars and tires last up to 500,000 clicks.

Branded Mouse

A branded mouse ensures that your customers will see your brand name every time they use their laptop or PC. This means that your printed logo will look great and serve as a marketing tool at the same time. For promotional purposes a branded mouse is a great choice because it is suitable to print on. We will print your logo on your choice of mouse using high quality printing options. Your logo can be right in the hand of your customers and potential clients. So, they will think of your brand every time they sit down at their desk and use their computer. Furthermore, your employees will also love to have a branded mouse. It gives them a connection to your company and lets them be an ambassador of the brand wherever they go.

Your next great branded promotional item or custom giveaway is just a few clicks away. Contact us about designing your unique customized mouse, branded mouse or custom printed mouse. Feel free to ask us any questions about logo printing and the custom mouse design that you are interested in. Then, tell us your ideas and our team of experts will help you create a perfect promotional mouse.