Budgeting in January – Are you ready for 2022?

Are you ready for 2021?

The festive season is always a highly anticipated time; there is a lot to celebrate, families reuniting, workforce getting a well-deserved break, Christmas parties, the exchanging of gifts and the excitement of New Year’s Eve countdown, so it’s safe to say it is indeed the season to be jolly. But now it’s back to reality, back to work and back to school.

January is the first month of the year, and the best time to start planning for the year ahead, so let us ask you; Are You Ready for 2022 and How Is Your Budget Plan Looking? Why do we ask? Because budgets can help you minimize risk to your business, department or team. A budget should be created before you begin any campaign or promotion. Planning ahead can also help you save money, consequently extending your marketing budget and giving you the opportunity to tap into more marketing efforts.

Below we feature our 2022 recommended promotional products that will increase brand exposure and increase awareness for you this year.

This nifty executive diary with power bank has a built-in wireless power bank with a battery capacity of 8000 mAh.  It also has a Type-C USB which can become very useful. You should definitely add this promotional product to your budget.

In Germany (2018) alone, over 12 million flash drives were sold in the consumer market and just for that reason you should include USB flash drives in your list. With our wide USB memory stick product range you can find a design to suit your company’s concepts. We also custom design flash drives to be a certain shape or specific colour, you imagine we execute.

Power banks are a gift from heaven. How many times have you run out of battery during an emergency situation, too many right… We stock a wide range of power banks as research proves that they are one of the best promotional products today. We feature wireless power banks, some that also have blue tooth speakers and or special functions.

Bluetooth speakers are definitely a favourite; they are fun, convenient, compact and pretty easy to use. We have standard design Bluetooth speakers and we have the ability to custom design shapes and sizes to suit your company’s needs.