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Branded Earphones

Branded earphones are one of our many excellent choices of promotional tech products. They can be an economic marketing choice too. Custom branded earphones are a discreet way to introduce your brand’s name or logo. It is a great advertising tool that works in a subtle way. Doyuk can print your company’s name and logo onto your choice of custom earphones or headphones using superior paint quality. We offer a range of printing techniques such as laser, serigraphy and offset. We will work with you to make sure that even the most complicated logo will look sharp and clear.

Custom Earphones

All of our earphones and headphones are customizable to meet your every need. Doyuk offers you numerous options in terms of styles, colors and designs to create your ideal custom earphones. Be sure to ask us about our wholesale options and printing techniques.  All of our earphone models come with a 2-year brand warranty. Custom branded earphones and promotional headphones are a great choice for a unique branded promotional item. Contact Doyuk to hear about our promotional earphones and to learn more about the various colors and design options that we have available for you.